Social Fashion Contest: become a model and win 1000 euro

PT01 New Photo Shooting Collection 

Become a model for PT01 Pantaloni Torino and win 1000 euro

The most thrilled social event of the year by Theodore Butik!

Share your photos and win to become a model for famous Italian fashion brands.

Participation is easy and free of charge! Anyone can participate! 

The fashion contest is valid for both men and women. You will be a star, ride a supercar and win 1000 euro! 

We will select two models: one man and one woman. 

What you get:

You will be invited to be model for our next shooting for the next Season collections catalogue, which includes PT Pantaloni Torino trousers (PT01, PT05, PT Bermuda, PTW). 

The shooting will be in a beautiful location with a terrific setting on board of two supercars and a motorcycle. We can already anticipate that one will be the car of Diabolic, a fantastic Jaguar E-type! 

You will have a chance to ride one of these supercars!

Photos will be included in our catalogue and used for all public marketing campaign of the new season collections.

Your name will appear in the photo book giving you great visibility and engagement. 

You will receive 1000 euro value of items, which you will be wearing for the shooting.

PT01 New Collection Photo Shooting

How to participate:

1. you must be a customer (have an email associated to an order made in our shop) OR alternatively like our FB page and be follower of our Instagram account 

2. share your photo** with us in Instagram and/or Facebook. To do so you must tag our profile in your photo and post. 

3. The post in Instagram and FB must include the following text: TAG and WIN: become a model, drive a supercar and get 1000 euro. #becomeamodel #theodorebutik 


**Photo should be related to fashion, have good resolution, portray the subject in a nice setting possibily wearing a nice outfit matching the style promoted by Theodore Butik. 

How to be selected:

We will select one man, for the men collection, and one woman, for the women collection.

The selection will be done based on two main criteria:

1. the highest organic engagment based on number of likes, visits and traffic. 

2.  the photogenic skills, appearances and look of the participant, which will be examined with the help of experts of the sector (photographers, marketing agencies and fashion designers)


The promotion runs from 13 February to 31 March 2017. Only photos shared in this period of time will be eligible to participate at the contest.

There are no limits in number of photos submitted by the same user, but each posted photo must be different. 

Photos should be related to fashion, have good resolution, portray the subject in a nice setting, possibily wearing a nice outfit matching the style promoted by Theodore Butik. Photos not matching these requirements will be cancelled. Spam, photos which violates norms of common sense and/or not allowed in IG and FB will be banned and users reported to competent authorities.  

The winner will be notified by email and invited to participate at the shooting which will last one day. The date and location of the shooting will be in late Spring.

The fashion contest is valid for both men and women.

We will select two models: one man and one woman. 

PT01 Pantaloni Torino Speedster356 by Theodore Butik

Do you like this car? Buy in our shop and participate to be selected as a model for the next shooting on board of a fantastic car like this one! 

Why VIP prefer to wear PT01 Pantaloni Torino

PT01 Pantaloni Torino: the best choice to be a star

PT01 Pantaloni Torino is an explosion of sophisticated details, elegant design, research, italian creativity and luxury first quality materials: cotton, velvet, flannel, wool, virgin wool, linen, cashmere. 

PT01 are a great Italian fashion brand known all over the Globe and be chosen as most preferred trousers by stars and VIP's, like George Clooney

PT01 Pantaloni Torino Theodore Butik

Great comfort in fitting, brushed cotton twill, elegant wool pinstripes, rich color variations, modern weft fabric, warm velvety feeling in touch and wearing. 

Many PT01 models available among which: Flair, Fly, Flower, Ghost Project, Business, Optical, Invasion, Colour, PT05, Pixel, Five Pockets, Claude, Victor, Gregory, Deluxe, Marrakech, Megeve, Vail, Velò, Summer Traveller, Deco, Brit Chino, Fulham Rd, Brighton, Gustave, Seattle, West Point, Aspen, Beams.

Win a ride with a Porsche Speedster

In 2017 many new fantastic gifts will be offered to our customers. In addition to special discounts and free PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers (last year some customers won a pair of PT01 trousers participating at our Instagram Competition - results are public available), there will be exciting awards, including the possibility of being selected for our new shooting campaign and drive a spectacular Porsche Speedster 356.

Follow us, enjoy and shop with taste!  


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Acquistare bene online

Le recensioni degli esperti sulla nostra boutique

Gli articoli di Ottobre pubblicati in Italia

Ecco alcuni degli ultimi articoli e review sulla nostra boutique e sui nostri capi PT01 Pantaloni Torino, pubblicati nel mese di Ottobre 2016 da fashion bloggers su riviste e magazine specializzati:

Stile e benessere: come vestirsi bene con i pantaloni torino

Shopping e turismo: impossibile resistere alla moda italiana

Pantaloni Torino: sconti fino al 70% per tutto l'anno

Moda e tecnologia: rinnovare il guardaroba grazie a Instagram


Buona lettura! 

Instagram PT Pantaloni Torino Contest

Instagram PT Pantaloni Torino Contest 

Win a PT Pantaloni Torino of 280 euro value! Follow on Instagram the instructions provided by clicking this photo. ‪

Instagram PT Pantaloni Torino Contest



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PT Pantaloni Torino Spring Summer Collection

Lot of new PT trousers for men will be online from 18 March 2016! 

Don't miss a vast choice of new men fashion trousers Pantaloni Torino.

You will find anything you need for your demanding taste. Lot of models, colours, fitting for any occasion, from casual to classic, from elegant to sophisticated. Best quality material, perfect tailor experience, unique italian creativity.

Everything you have always fancy to have in your wardrobe in March will be affordable in our shop. 

Join our growing community in Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus.

Post your photos in our group and receive fantastic coupons to spend in our web site! 



A Guide to Men's Trouser Style, Fit and Fabric: PT01 trousers

Theodore Butik - your perfect solution for online men fashion clothing shopping

For semi-casual situations, most of the men buy jeans that cover legs, often paired with a sports coat. There are many reasons behind the popularity of jeans, but comfort and casualness are pointed to as the important grounds. Now, there is a more stylish and comfortable alternative is available to the jeans. They are stylish trousers made from cotton, velvet, flannel, wool and cashmere.

Theodore Butik: PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers online shopping

PT01 - A Popular Brand:

Today, a brand PT01 is highly popular in the market. These trousers are available in many models, color variations and fittings. Trouser enthusiasts can buy them online from PT01 trousers outlet where, they’ll find hundreds of pieces and a special winter collection for 2015-16.

PT01 Trousers Models:

There are countless different style options for men.

Among the most famous PT01 models, there are:

Model Victor, cotton

Model Ghost, wool

Model Fulham Rd, wool

Model Gustave, velvet

Model Seattle, wool

Model PT05, in jeens, velvet, cotton, wool

Model Optical, cotton

Model Claude, in velvet and cotton

Model Brit Chino, in velvet, wool, cotton

Model Flair, cotton

Model Megeve, cotton

Model West Point, cotton

Model Business, cotton

Model Pixel, cotton

They are worn with fitted jackets and sleek accessories.

PT01 Fit - Personal preference and body type:

Choosing a particular fit depends upon a man’s personal preference and body type.

PT01 trousers are available in slim, super slim, and skinny fittings.

How to choose your PT01 pants?

For a generic guide you may refer to the this link which explains how to choose your PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers.

PT01 Fabric:

Today, young hipsters and fashion enthusiasts like PT01 trousers style, with unique fabric available in brushed cotton, warm velvet, high quality wool, and cashmere.

However, a well-worn and sharp look trouser is something that makes a man feel proud about his attire. In a World, where jeans are becoming more prevalent, a stylish trouser, especially from PT01 will stand out in a crowd.

Pantaloni Torino Collection: High Quality PT01 Trousers

High Quality PT01 Trousers

We all love to have a cool look with warm wears in the winter. Today, there are so many clothing collocations available for men with shirts, vests, sweaters, formal suits, trench coats, trousers. These products will help a man show his stylish gentleman impression and a look of uniqueness. Most of men in recent years would purchase a pair of trousers from PT01 as consider among the best in the market. As they are quite expensive, a good solution is to buy PT01 trousers online in shops which guarantee they are original, brand new and at a very competitive price (e.g. outlet price).

PT01 Trousers


While buying PT01 trousers from an online shop, men think that, the size may not fit; their leg may look plump, fabric may be good and shipping may be very late. Here, the solution is This shop has a huge array of winter trousers along with T-shirts and sweaters for men who love warm feeling and fashionable appearances.

PT01 Pantaloni Torino Trousers:

The website has hundreds trousers from PT01 Pantaloni Torino and any kind of model. They have great comfort in fitting, rich color options, modern weft fabric and warm velvety feeling in touch & wearing. Each and every piece is brand new, original, and available with tags and SKU.

How to choose the perfect trouser:

There are a lot of models and fitting available for men. Which one to choose? How to choose the waist size? How to choose the fitting?

For a generic guide to choose the right size and fitting of a PT01 trousers you may refer to the this link which explains how to choose your PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers.

Size of the waist:

For a particular size, waist remains the same.

Fitting of the trousers:

Although, there are different kinds of fitting options in PT01 trousers, they do not change the waist size. The fitting options, like slim, skinny, super slim, are available only in relation to the tightness of the leg. These fitting options are the same for both the Summer and Winter PT01 trousers.

Not able to find the right size? What to do?

Send a message and Theodore will assist you!

Special X-Mas offer! 5 pairs of PT Pantaloni Torino at 250 euro

5 pairs of PT Pantaloni Torino at 250 euro

Shipping included for Europe!

Hurry up for this incredible sale! A special offer for X-Mas!
5 pairs of PT01 PANTALONI TORINO Season 2015 at 250 EURO. 

All models are cotton for mid season 2015, original, new, with tags.

You can choose models, colours and sizes. 

Models available: Pixel, Icon, PT05, Business, Bespoke, Bahia, Master

Sizes available: 46, 48, 50, 52, 54

Colour available: navy, blu, beige, cream, brown

Shipping within 24 hours by courier and tracking number.
100% guarantee

Pantaloni Torino Trousers outlet


Christmas special offer PT Pantaloni Torino


Don't miss our special Christmas sale available for our original brand new trousers for men PT Pantaloni Torino.

30 coupons available to get 20% discount on our brand new collection PT Pantaloni Torino Fall and Winter 2015-2016.

Prices are already the lowest in the Internet. Now they are just unbeatable!

Where can you find a wool trousers PT Pantaloni Torino collection 2015 at 80 euro? 

Browse your search by size and check immediately what is still available for the size your are looking for.

Also check our special offer for gift. A great idea to make presents to your friends for Christmas!


theodore butik_PT Pantaloni Torino outlet



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