Learn how to renew for free your wardrobe with Instagram Competitions

Why to pay lot of money for fashion clothes? 

You can win great staff participating in Instagram Contests! It is free and takes a moment!

In our shop we sell fashion brands at incredible prices with up to 70% discount all year long, thanks to our business model, which offers something new, something different to shopping lovers: a high quality selection of items at an affordable price all year long: sales all year long.

But 70% discount is not enough to make people engaged. Customers like entertainment, like being involved. So in addition to deliver great quality/price items and provide excellent 24/24 hrs customers support, it is important to deliver added value services, like hosting events, engaging people in crowd-based systems, launching social contests, deliver free products.

In June we launched our special Instagram Competition for PT Pantaloni Torino Contest 

Win a PT Pantaloni Torino of 280 euro value! To win the competition customers had to post a photo wearing a pair of PT Pantaloni Torino following the instructions provided in our Instagram Competition.

Instagram is a great instrument to launch constests. Customers get engaged and interact. It is fun, does not take time and give a real opportunity to get expensive clothes for free!

In our case for example, the winner got 280 euro value clothes, off course for his/her size! And everything was delivered by international express courrier! 

Instagram competition PT Pantaloni Torino

The winner of our last competition is @yangbaan from South Korea with the following photo which received the higher number of likes.

instagram competition Theodore Butik



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Sales all year long

Sales all year long! 

Why to wait for the end of the season to get discounts? We invented a new style. Sales up to 70% discount all year long

Italy is fashionable – the whole World knows this. In our shop we are committed to select the most beautiful models of PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers and offer them at unbeatable prices all year long. 

As Summer is approaching, we have now launched our incredible crazy sales. All trousers of Spring Summer Collections are sold at average 70% discount. This means you can buy a PT Pantaloni Torino at average 79 euro. Prices start from 29 euro for a bermuda to 119 euro for a luxury deluxe virgin wool. 

sales all year long 

The summer sales period in Italy coincides with one of the most popular months for tourism – July. Sales are from 30 to 70%.

My question is: why to wait until late July? You know what happens in July? You get sales but for cheap products and for very limited offer, because by that time the most wanted items are already sold out at their full price. Furthermore: what is the point in getting your 'wanted' item late July when Summer is already 2/3 gone?

When I decided to open this shop, I wanted to offer something new, something different to shop lovers: a high quality selection of items at an affordable price all year long. So we have sales all year long.

No need to wait until late July to get some Spring Summer items of Italian brands on sales, no need to wait until late February to get some Fall and Winter items on sales! You can get what you want immediately when the season starts, you don't have to wait to save money in shopping when the season is over and products selection limited! 

Good shopping! 

A new concept of wearing

A new concept of wearing

Before talking about the outfitting, I want to drive your attention to one important thing: sensations, which are a key factors when wearing a pair of trousers. And these trousers are fantastic because because of the great sensations they give. When you buy your pair of PT Pantaloni Torino and it shows up at your doorstep, when you open the box and start touching and looking at your purchase, you already have a good sensation. The sensation of a first quality fabrics, the sensation of richnesses of details, the smell of good materials and you can literally see in your mind how Italian craftsmanship works.

       pantaloni torino PT    pantaloni torino PT    pantaloni torino PT 

But the best sensation is still awaiting for you... The sensation you have when you wear them.

PT Pantaloni Torino trousers are stilish with a modern slim fitting. In the photos it is shown the Jeremie model among our vast selection of limited edition models. Like many other models, these trousers have superb quality cotton.

The so called, Solaro Fabrics. Worsted fabric plotted in levantine with changing effects due to the different yarns colour used on warp & welf. Silky touch, unique comfort, brilliant surface. Means suitable and sun resistant. Photos cannot show you the richness colour of these trousers. A superb tailoring work, with tasteful elegance and uniqueness of pattern and fabric.

PT Pantaloni Torino Spring Summer Collection

Lot of new PT trousers for men will be online from 18 March 2016! 

Don't miss a vast choice of new men fashion trousers Pantaloni Torino.

You will find anything you need for your demanding taste. Lot of models, colours, fitting for any occasion, from casual to classic, from elegant to sophisticated. Best quality material, perfect tailor experience, unique italian creativity.

Everything you have always fancy to have in your wardrobe in March will be affordable in our shop. 

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Post your photos in our group and receive fantastic coupons to spend in our web site! 



FAQ - Find your PT in a sec

12 February 2016

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FAQ - Find your PT in a sec

How to filter your search

To find immediately if a product is available you simply need to filter the PT model and the size you are looking for from the top hand left side of the screen.

See below screen shots. 

PT search

PT search

PT search



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