Smart clothing

The future of Fashion: Smart clothing

From production to management of the supply chain, from the warehouse to the store, the fashion industry has always used identification technologies and advanced data management as the most strategic weapons to drive innovation. Even the presence of RFID tags on entire collections is something now common. But the truly news which brings to unexplored challenging scenarios is the ability to fully explore the data through the Ecommerce channels, the access and sharing of real-time data base to build advanced models of the Internet of Things.

Fashion World future converges on many different lines of development.

The first is the application of the market with the emergence of highly dynamic distribution models that presuppose the existence of different channels variously overlapped digitally and physical in what now is called Omnichannel and that have a heavy impact on the upstream stages of production and logistics supply chains. On these ever met application needs lays and develops a real technological challenge that on the one hand serves to satisfy the most extreme requirements, and on the other stimulates the formation of new applications in a non-ending virtuous vortex development.

All technologies converge in the main category of Internet of Things. From now you can also wear them! Smart clothing is a very promising market, considering that according to IDTechEx will grow from $ 20 billion in 2015 to $ 70 billion in 2025.

We’ve all seen the Apple watch, the Nike+ running shoes, smart shirts and Fitbits but if the trend towards Internet-enabled clothes continues, everything will be fair game. 

We are talking about smart clothing where the only limit is the imagination of the designer.

See below some example of smart clothing

You remember former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger rocks in dark chiffon and Swarovski crystals? And it’s not the form that makes this outfit striking — it’s the function. Those LEDs light up and form phrases direct-messaged to her Twitter account (see photo below). It was dated 2013. Who could afford or get such incredible super dress? Now everything is different ...

smart clothings

London-based CuteCircuit has made light-up dresses that can display Tweets, a “hug shirt” that connects over Bluetooth to let you send a hug to someone wearing the shirt far away, and a programmable t-shirt with a 1,024 pixel display, built in camera, microphone and speakers, allowing you to show status updates, songs and photos.

BROADCAST is a programmable LED t–shirt that can display any slogan you want using your smartphone. It was launched in Indiegogo and raised  $112,049 funded with 430% over funded in July 7, 2016.

Smart clothing

In the photo: the British brand Ada + Nik have designed a leather jacket with a built in Narrative Clip camera (photo below).

Smart Clothing

Join our pool and share your creativity. What would you prefer to wear as smart clothing?

What I would like to discover from men who loves fashion and shopping is the trade off between something trendy uncommon but certainly not useful (e.g. a programmable LED t–shirt that can display any slogan you want using your smartphone) or something less notable but more useful (e.g. a micro camera integrated in your jacket which makes videos or photos).

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