Style and wellness: how to dress well and feel good with mind and body

02 October 2016

Style and wellness: how to dress well and feel good with mind and body

Style and wellness: how to dress well and feel good with mind and body

Nowadays the men fashion becomes increasingly important and to keep up with the times and always feel comfortable in any situation you need to know what to wear and have some skills in choosing and wearing the right clothing and accessories.

Style is one thing that is not always in the DNA of any man. Sometimes a bit of a good taste is enough to create a collection of clothes and accessories necessary to get a perfect image.

Style and wellness  Style and wellness

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to take the right choices. So here some hints:

First of all do not have prejudices. Each man has its own style, his character which should be in line with what he wears.

Don’t pretend to be someone else.

Don’t make purchases impulsive, by entering a boutique and buying without thinking.

Build your wardrobe with intelligence, preferring clothes well-chosen and that fit you perfectly. Quality comes first than quantity! In a wardrobe a man, nowadays, should not be missing some famous brands, without loosing comfort.

Have a vision. Wear unique pieces of art.

Find brands which are revolutionizing fashion. If I was a woman I would wear Elisabetta Franchi. Not D&G. You understand what I mean. But this post is for men. So, for example, the famous Turin trousers Pantaloni Torino made by Cover 50, which are worn also by the US President Barack Obama, members of the Royal family as Prince Felipe of Spain and others from the international jet set. This is another piece of art, another small brand which is changing the way web think fashion. An Italian small company which transformed the classic trousers style in a real object of desire. Designed as a code, the innovative PT01 brand is aimed at revolutionize the world of fashion and to overturn the concept of male trousers. The brand PT01 has placed on the market also models in limited editions such as the model called Silver Chino inspired military and characterized by silver buttons.



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