Sales all year long

23 July 2016

Sales all year long

Sales all year long! 

Why to wait for the end of the season to get discounts? We invented a new style. Sales up to 70% discount all year long

Italy is fashionable – the whole World knows this. In our shop we are committed to select the most beautiful models of PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers and offer them at unbeatable prices all year long. 

As Summer is approaching, we have now launched our incredible crazy sales. All trousers of Spring Summer Collections are sold at average 70% discount. This means you can buy a PT Pantaloni Torino at average 79 euro. Prices start from 29 euro for a bermuda to 119 euro for a luxury deluxe virgin wool. 

sales all year long 

The summer sales period in Italy coincides with one of the most popular months for tourism – July. Sales are from 30 to 70%.

My question is: why to wait until late July? You know what happens in July? You get sales but for cheap products and for very limited offer, because by that time the most wanted items are already sold out at their full price. Furthermore: what is the point in getting your 'wanted' item late July when Summer is already 2/3 gone?

When I decided to open this shop, I wanted to offer something new, something different to shop lovers: a high quality selection of items at an affordable price all year long. So we have sales all year long.

No need to wait until late July to get some Spring Summer items of Italian brands on sales, no need to wait until late February to get some Fall and Winter items on sales! You can get what you want immediately when the season starts, you don't have to wait to save money in shopping when the season is over and products selection limited! 

Good shopping! 



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