6 Tips to Buy the Right Trousers for Men

27 February 2016

6 Tips to Buy the Right Trousers for Men

6 Tips to Buy the Right Trousers for Men

Men really should pay attention when shopping for pants. There is more to choosing a pair of trousers than looking at the waist size and the length of the pants. Whether you are shopping for yourself or picking out a pair of trousers for the man in your life, take the time to learn more about the details that go into choosing pants. Here are 6 tips that you can use to buy the right pair of trousers for men.

#1 – Make Sure You Understand Measurements

Along with the waist size and the side length, there are several other measurements to consider. First is the waist line. A lot of guys get this measurement wrong, as they measure just below their gut. You are actually supposed to measure around the back and along the belly button.

The inseam is the measurement that runs from the bottom of the hemline to where the two legs meet. The pant rise is the measurement from the waist to the top of the inseam. The inseam offers a more accurate measurement of length than looking along the side length. If you do not want your pants rising up too far when you sit down, then determine the right length of an inseam for your height.

#2 – Pleats are Not Intended for Everyone

Choosing whether or not to wear pleated plants is an issue that a lot of men do not understand. Pants with pleats are useful for guys with wider thighs or hips. They offer a little bit more space for movement. Though, with a thinner build, a flat-front waist can be more flattering. This helps to add a little length to your appearance.

#3 – Buying Trousers with Lining Can Add Bulk

The lining is another feature to consider. Some guys may worry whether or not they are a good choice. Typically, you should only wear pants with lining in colder climates or during the winter. Also, if you have a thin build, the lining can give a little more size to your look. When you want a slimmer look, avoid wearing trousers with lining.

#4 – Buy Trousers with Back Pockets for Added Bulk

Buying pants with back pockets is a personal preference. They take up space and add size to your rear. If you have a flat behind or want to add a little bulk, back pockets are fairly useful. Back pockets are another feature that should be avoided if you want a slim look.

#5 – Short Guys Should Not Wear Cuffs

Cuffs are a feature that is best left for taller men. They can help add a little extra weight to the trousers, while taking attention away from your height – drawing the eye to the chest or face. Though, this can accent the height of shorter men, taking away an inch or two in appearance. 

#6 – Try the Pants On Before Purchasing

Never assume that the measurements on the label of a pair of pants are going to be completely accurate. You also need to check the cut and fit of the pants, which can only be accomplished by trying the pants on.

If you are purchasing a pair of trousers for someone else, it may help to learn their exact inseam length and waist. Bring a tape measure and check the pants – this will help narrow down the chances of a bad fit.

Being able to find the right pair of trousers is something that every guy should know how to do. These are six simple tips that you can keep in mind when shopping for any pair of pants. Take the time to find a well-fitted pair.



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