A Guide to Men's Trouser Style, Fit and Fabric: PT01 trousers

09 January 2016

A Guide to Men's Trouser Style, Fit and Fabric: PT01 trousers

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For semi-casual situations, most of the men buy jeans that cover legs, often paired with a sports coat. There are many reasons behind the popularity of jeans, but comfort and casualness are pointed to as the important grounds. Now, there is a more stylish and comfortable alternative is available to the jeans. They are stylish trousers made from cotton, velvet, flannel, wool and cashmere.

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PT01 - A Popular Brand:

Today, a brand PT01 is highly popular in the market. These trousers are available in many models, color variations and fittings. Trouser enthusiasts can buy them online from PT01 trousers outlet where, they’ll find hundreds of pieces and a special winter collection for 2015-16.

PT01 Trousers Models:

There are countless different style options for men.

Among the most famous PT01 models, there are:

Model Victor, cotton

Model Ghost, wool

Model Fulham Rd, wool

Model Gustave, velvet

Model Seattle, wool

Model PT05, in jeens, velvet, cotton, wool

Model Optical, cotton

Model Claude, in velvet and cotton

Model Brit Chino, in velvet, wool, cotton

Model Flair, cotton

Model Megeve, cotton

Model West Point, cotton

Model Business, cotton

Model Pixel, cotton

They are worn with fitted jackets and sleek accessories.

PT01 Fit - Personal preference and body type:

Choosing a particular fit depends upon a man’s personal preference and body type.

PT01 trousers are available in slim, super slim, and skinny fittings.

How to choose your PT01 pants?

For a generic guide you may refer to the this link which explains how to choose your PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers.

PT01 Fabric:

Today, young hipsters and fashion enthusiasts like PT01 trousers style, with unique fabric available in brushed cotton, warm velvet, high quality wool, and cashmere.

However, a well-worn and sharp look trouser is something that makes a man feel proud about his attire. In a World, where jeans are becoming more prevalent, a stylish trouser, especially from PT01 will stand out in a crowd.



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