How to choose your PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers

16 September 2015

How to choose your PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers

Lot of models and fitting available. How to choose your PT01?

Some important hint to choose the right size and fitting of a PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers:

The waist:

The waist is always the same for a particular size and across different models. So a 46 in any model, for any fitting will be remain the same in terms of number of cm of waist.


The fitting:

The different fittings dont change the waist.
The difference between slim, super slim, skinny fit is only in relation to the tightness of the legs. Regular fitting, means normal fitting, hence not slim. Evo fitting is like slim fit but shorter.
This applies for both winter and summer cotton. Wool models tend to be less 'tight', simply because of they are made of a different material, but still a wool model super slim is super slim. Dont expect a regular fitting! :) Finally, the fitting of the model is pretty the same across all the models. So my advice, if you tried a model in super slim which was too tight for you, dont try another one in super slim or even worst skinny. Better you try a slim or move to a bigger Waist size.

For exampe myself I wear 46 slim but I have also many models in 48 super slim or skinny, which fit me perfectly in legs and need simply to be reduced of a few cm in waist (something which any tailor can do well and easily at a cost of around 10 euro).

Many clients when they dont find their size take a bigger in super slim or skinny fit. And everyone is happy so far.

Good shopping with us! The PT Pantaloni Torino Winter collection 2015 is waiting for you!

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