PT01, Pantaloni Torino, was founded 1969 by Piernagelo Fassino in the city of Turin located in northern Italy close to the border of France.The Fassino family had been in the textile industry for three generation but Pierangelo wanted something else and changed the direction of the business from textile commercialization to clothing production. The idea was simple, to produce and distributed male trousers in Italy. 

In 2000 Edorado Fassino, son of Pierangelo, did a new milestone for the company and introduced a completely new line of trousers with focus on a more narrow and fashion oriented cut and with tailor made details.The whole plan takes off six years later thanks Mario Stefano Maran, today known as marketing director for the brand. At the same time the company decides to change it name to PT01 Patanaloni Torino. The results of these changes made the company known worldwide and today PT01 Pantaloni Torino can be seen in one of the most famous and luxurious shops worldwide.

PT01 Pantaloni Torino’s vision is that the style of the trousers plays a bigger role than the fabric itself but with maintaining high quality fabrics. The brand wants to create a unique look and therefor focuses on detailed tailoring such as the interlining, buttons and pockets. The overall style can be described as a mix of high quality tailor made trousers but with touch of innovation.
The brand has two different lines, PT01 and PT05, in our shop at outlet price. PT01 is a more of dressed trouser compared to the PT05 who has a more casual approach with the its base in cotton and denim.