Discount week PT01 Pantaloni Torino

12 August 2015

Discount week PT01 Pantaloni Torino

Prices down and great discount for PT01 Pantaloni Torino, trowsers for men. 

From 12 August until 26 August special week sales. All major PT01 models at 60 euro (bermuda at 49 euro). 

Don't miss this special opportunity to be able to save up to 80% on PT01 Pantaloni Torino trowsers for men. Lot of models available at 60 euro: Bahia, Business, Pixel, Master, Colour, Flair, Fly, Flower, PT05, Bespoke, ICON, Bermuda, ecc.


PT01 Pantalini Torino during these days of August cost from 49 euro.




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