Pantaloni Torino Spring Summer Collection

24 March 2016

Pantaloni Torino Spring Summer Collection

PT01 Pantaloni Torino Spring and Summer 2016 collection

Spring started and also our fantastic and unbeatable Spring Summer sales!

We have a new vast choice of original brand new trousers and bermuda PT01 Pantaloni Torino for men at the best price. Spring Summer Collection.

Vast variety of colours, models and sizes available.

PT Pantaloni Torino is an explosion of sophisticated details, elegant design, research, italian creativity and luxury first quality materials for an exclusive Spring Summer: cotton, virgin wool, linen. 

Great comfort in fitting, elegance, richness of colour and patterns. Superb silky, softness  and bright fabric cotton, loto of color variations, unique feeling in touch and wearing. 

Many models available among which: Flair, Fly, Flower, Ghost Project, Business, Invasion, Colour, PT05, Pixel, Five Pockets,  Gregory, Deluxe, Marrakech,  Velò, Summer Traveller, Pop Chino, Bermuda, West Point, and many others.




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