Why VIP prefer to wear PT01 Pantaloni Torino

PT01 Pantaloni Torino: the best choice to be a star

PT01 Pantaloni Torino is an explosion of sophisticated details, elegant design, research, italian creativity and luxury first quality materials: cotton, velvet, flannel, wool, virgin wool, linen, cashmere. 

PT01 are a great Italian fashion brand known all over the Globe and be chosen as most preferred trousers by stars and VIP's, like George Clooney

PT01 Pantaloni Torino Theodore Butik

Great comfort in fitting, brushed cotton twill, elegant wool pinstripes, rich color variations, modern weft fabric, warm velvety feeling in touch and wearing. 

Many PT01 models available among which: Flair, Fly, Flower, Ghost Project, Business, Optical, Invasion, Colour, PT05, Pixel, Five Pockets, Claude, Victor, Gregory, Deluxe, Marrakech, Megeve, Vail, Velò, Summer Traveller, Deco, Brit Chino, Fulham Rd, Brighton, Gustave, Seattle, West Point, Aspen, Beams.

Win a ride with a Porsche Speedster

In 2017 many new fantastic gifts will be offered to our customers. In addition to special discounts and free PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers (last year some customers won a pair of PT01 trousers participating at our Instagram Competition - results are public available), there will be exciting awards, including the possibility of being selected for our new shooting campaign and drive a spectacular Porsche Speedster 356.

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Christmas Special. Fashion Event  PT PANTALONI TORINO COLLECTION.

Between 11 - 18 December 2016 we run a special event.

Join our event in Facebook and get 15 EURO discount on the entire collection by applying this code: XMASTB16

New opening TB Eastern Europe

Glad to inform all our customers that we have now open our new TB Eastern Europe Customer Service dedicated to all Russian speaker customers.

Our Eastern Europe Customer Service is  active to serve all customers in Russian language.

Email contact:

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New opening TB Eastern Europe




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Le recensioni degli esperti sulla nostra boutique

Gli articoli di Ottobre pubblicati in Italia

Ecco alcuni degli ultimi articoli e review sulla nostra boutique e sui nostri capi PT01 Pantaloni Torino, pubblicati nel mese di Ottobre 2016 da fashion bloggers su riviste e magazine specializzati:

Stile e benessere: come vestirsi bene con i pantaloni torino

Shopping e turismo: impossibile resistere alla moda italiana

Pantaloni Torino: sconti fino al 70% per tutto l'anno

Moda e tecnologia: rinnovare il guardaroba grazie a Instagram


Buona lettura! 

Style and wellness: how to dress well and feel good with mind and body

Style and wellness: how to dress well and feel good with mind and body

Nowadays the men fashion becomes increasingly important and to keep up with the times and always feel comfortable in any situation you need to know what to wear and have some skills in choosing and wearing the right clothing and accessories.

Style is one thing that is not always in the DNA of any man. Sometimes a bit of a good taste is enough to create a collection of clothes and accessories necessary to get a perfect image.

Style and wellness  Style and wellness

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to take the right choices. So here some hints:

First of all do not have prejudices. Each man has its own style, his character which should be in line with what he wears.

Don’t pretend to be someone else.

Don’t make purchases impulsive, by entering a boutique and buying without thinking.

Build your wardrobe with intelligence, preferring clothes well-chosen and that fit you perfectly. Quality comes first than quantity! In a wardrobe a man, nowadays, should not be missing some famous brands, without loosing comfort.

Have a vision. Wear unique pieces of art.

Find brands which are revolutionizing fashion. If I was a woman I would wear Elisabetta Franchi. Not D&G. You understand what I mean. But this post is for men. So, for example, the famous Turin trousers Pantaloni Torino made by Cover 50, which are worn also by the US President Barack Obama, members of the Royal family as Prince Felipe of Spain and others from the international jet set. This is another piece of art, another small brand which is changing the way web think fashion. An Italian small company which transformed the classic trousers style in a real object of desire. Designed as a code, the innovative PT01 brand is aimed at revolutionize the world of fashion and to overturn the concept of male trousers. The brand PT01 has placed on the market also models in limited editions such as the model called Silver Chino inspired military and characterized by silver buttons.

Shopping and tourism: impossible to resist the Italian fashion

Shopping and tourism: impossible to resist the Italian fashion

Italian fashion is a social and cultural element, a symbol of elegance and the style of the beautiful country. Italian fashion, together with art, music and gastronomy, is one of the most important references for the international tourism, especially for shopping.

In Italy the textile sector, consisting mainly of clothing, footwear and leather goods, is able to generate a significant volume of business and constitutes a large proportion of high-quality production that is exported all over the world.

In fact, the Italian brand of fashion industry, whose production includes clothes, bags, footwear, accessories and perfumes, they mark a steady increase in sales in all world markets.
In fact, today you can see the big Italian brands anywhere in the world that is in the shopping streets of the main cities in the world.
The Italian fashion houses have become authentic luxury multinationals coming to dominate all over the world. Just mention some made in Italy like Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, just to name a few.

In Italy, today, are emerging more and more PT01 Pantaloni Torino representing a real revolution in the production of trousers industry: PT01 Pantaloni Torino are a style icon in fashion present in many store around the world. 

Pantaloni Torino

The popularity of Italian fashion comes from a long tradition that has evolved in step with the growth of culture and society. 

For the tourist it is hard to resist to the charm of Italian fashion.

Boutiques of the most prestigious brands or emerging designers, department stores of famous fashion houses, not to mention the many charming shops that make the country an indispensable place of attraction for any tourists coming from all over the world.

Of course everything is amplified by the fact that shopping takes place in a magical setting and striking represented by our art cities, which are UNESCO heritage, and ancient villages, all places that possess an artistic and historical value incomparable and who helped make the famous Italian quasliasi a part of the world.

In the period of Fashion Week, the most important news are presented on the catwalks of the city par excellence of fashion that is Milan, international capital at the level of production made in Italy. The presentation takes place in the famous fashion Quadrilateral comprising: Via della Spiga, Via Montenapoleone, Via Sant'Andrea and Via Manzoni.

Even the capital Rome takes pride with its many boutiques scattered in the area of ​​Piazza di Spagna, Via del Corso and the Spanish Steps. Not least is the city of Florence, which is a real prestigious place for Italian fashion, especially in the leather and footwear sector. Here takes place every year on the "Pitti Immagine", one of the most important events related to the world of men's fashion.

Smart clothing

The future of Fashion: Smart clothing

From production to management of the supply chain, from the warehouse to the store, the fashion industry has always used identification technologies and advanced data management as the most strategic weapons to drive innovation. Even the presence of RFID tags on entire collections is something now common. But the truly news which brings to unexplored challenging scenarios is the ability to fully explore the data through the Ecommerce channels, the access and sharing of real-time data base to build advanced models of the Internet of Things.

Fashion World future converges on many different lines of development.

The first is the application of the market with the emergence of highly dynamic distribution models that presuppose the existence of different channels variously overlapped digitally and physical in what now is called Omnichannel and that have a heavy impact on the upstream stages of production and logistics supply chains. On these ever met application needs lays and develops a real technological challenge that on the one hand serves to satisfy the most extreme requirements, and on the other stimulates the formation of new applications in a non-ending virtuous vortex development.

All technologies converge in the main category of Internet of Things. From now you can also wear them! Smart clothing is a very promising market, considering that according to IDTechEx will grow from $ 20 billion in 2015 to $ 70 billion in 2025.

We’ve all seen the Apple watch, the Nike+ running shoes, smart shirts and Fitbits but if the trend towards Internet-enabled clothes continues, everything will be fair game. 

We are talking about smart clothing where the only limit is the imagination of the designer.

See below some example of smart clothing

You remember former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger rocks in dark chiffon and Swarovski crystals? And it’s not the form that makes this outfit striking — it’s the function. Those LEDs light up and form phrases direct-messaged to her Twitter account (see photo below). It was dated 2013. Who could afford or get such incredible super dress? Now everything is different ...

smart clothings

London-based CuteCircuit has made light-up dresses that can display Tweets, a “hug shirt” that connects over Bluetooth to let you send a hug to someone wearing the shirt far away, and a programmable t-shirt with a 1,024 pixel display, built in camera, microphone and speakers, allowing you to show status updates, songs and photos.

BROADCAST is a programmable LED t–shirt that can display any slogan you want using your smartphone. It was launched in Indiegogo and raised  $112,049 funded with 430% over funded in July 7, 2016.

Smart clothing

In the photo: the British brand Ada + Nik have designed a leather jacket with a built in Narrative Clip camera (photo below).

Smart Clothing

Join our pool and share your creativity. What would you prefer to wear as smart clothing?

What I would like to discover from men who loves fashion and shopping is the trade off between something trendy uncommon but certainly not useful (e.g. a programmable LED t–shirt that can display any slogan you want using your smartphone) or something less notable but more useful (e.g. a micro camera integrated in your jacket which makes videos or photos).

Join the POOL and share your thoughts!


Twitter photography contest

Twitter is becoming a popular social media among people not only for sharing news but also for marketing purposes and great fun social contest.

Today we are launching our Twitter photography contest!

A good way to share your creativeness and have a concrete opportunity to win a fantastic pair of Pantaloni Torino trousers from our great collection. Furthermore your photo together with your credit will be published in our website which is visited everyday by thousand people. It will be a fantastic opportunity to show your skills as photographer and shopping enthusiast. 

To participate is simple and free of charge! Follow these steps and take your chance to win!

1. Follow us on Twitter @theodorebutik
2. Make a stylish photo like the one you see here
3. - Post your photo on Twitter
- Tag your photo with @theodorebutik
- Write in the description of your twitt:
#fashioncontest #theodorebutik


Twitter Photography Contest

Learn how to renew for free your wardrobe with Instagram Competitions

Why to pay lot of money for fashion clothes? 

You can win great staff participating in Instagram Contests! It is free and takes a moment!

In our shop we sell fashion brands at incredible prices with up to 70% discount all year long, thanks to our business model, which offers something new, something different to shopping lovers: a high quality selection of items at an affordable price all year long: sales all year long.

But 70% discount is not enough to make people engaged. Customers like entertainment, like being involved. So in addition to deliver great quality/price items and provide excellent 24/24 hrs customers support, it is important to deliver added value services, like hosting events, engaging people in crowd-based systems, launching social contests, deliver free products.

In June we launched our special Instagram Competition for PT Pantaloni Torino Contest 

Win a PT Pantaloni Torino of 280 euro value! To win the competition customers had to post a photo wearing a pair of PT Pantaloni Torino following the instructions provided in our Instagram Competition.

Instagram is a great instrument to launch constests. Customers get engaged and interact. It is fun, does not take time and give a real opportunity to get expensive clothes for free!

In our case for example, the winner got 280 euro value clothes, off course for his/her size! And everything was delivered by international express courrier! 

Instagram competition PT Pantaloni Torino

The winner of our last competition is @yangbaan from South Korea with the following photo which received the higher number of likes.

instagram competition Theodore Butik



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Sales all year long

Sales all year long! 

Why to wait for the end of the season to get discounts? We invented a new style. Sales up to 70% discount all year long

Italy is fashionable – the whole World knows this. In our shop we are committed to select the most beautiful models of PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers and offer them at unbeatable prices all year long. 

As Summer is approaching, we have now launched our incredible crazy sales. All trousers of Spring Summer Collections are sold at average 70% discount. This means you can buy a PT Pantaloni Torino at average 79 euro. Prices start from 29 euro for a bermuda to 119 euro for a luxury deluxe virgin wool. 

sales all year long 

The summer sales period in Italy coincides with one of the most popular months for tourism – July. Sales are from 30 to 70%.

My question is: why to wait until late July? You know what happens in July? You get sales but for cheap products and for very limited offer, because by that time the most wanted items are already sold out at their full price. Furthermore: what is the point in getting your 'wanted' item late July when Summer is already 2/3 gone?

When I decided to open this shop, I wanted to offer something new, something different to shop lovers: a high quality selection of items at an affordable price all year long. So we have sales all year long.

No need to wait until late July to get some Spring Summer items of Italian brands on sales, no need to wait until late February to get some Fall and Winter items on sales! You can get what you want immediately when the season starts, you don't have to wait to save money in shopping when the season is over and products selection limited! 

Good shopping! 



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